Business Intelligence

Accessing business data in a controlled, timely and reliable manner to support business decisions at all levels is a critical objective for any organisation looking to improve operational efficiency and obtain competitive advantages.  A correctly designed, planned and implemented Business Intelligence solution is the cornerstone to achieving these ambitions.
ITelligence draws on our strength and knowledge with Oracle’s ERP, SOA and technology products and combines this with our BI and EPM expertise to provide a comprehensive solution from Transaction to Report. Our service offering supports the entire process of a customer’s BI program, from current state assessments and developing BI strategies through to implementation and support.

ITelligence’s Consulting Services Framework (CSF) provides a number of specialist pre-packaged services that help our clients clarify status and expedite decisions, plans and investments. The Framework can be used in its entirety or in part as required. The Framework can be commenced at any point as all stages are discrete entities with discrete deliverables that are valuable in their own right but equally contribute to the outcome of a larger service.



  • Architecture Review– To understand our clients existing BI capability and provide an independent assessment on their current state. This will assist with the commencement of a BI initiative within their organsiation.
  • Strategy Definition - To utilise ITelligence’s ERP, SOA, Oracle technology expertise combined with ITelligence’s BI and EPM expertise to help clarify, define or validate the medium to long term strategic intent or investment plans. The strategy can include alternatives, costings, risks and recommendations.
  • Business Case - To our clients determine the commercial viability of a given initiative, intended change/investment or project. ITelligence has developed its own business case development method with pre-defined management deliverables that keep business case development on track and serve to inform the key stakeholders. 
  • Proof of Concept- To help our clients prove the capability of new technologies, methods or approaches via the definition of a narrow and well defined sample scope and clear success criteria. The object of the PoC is to test, validate or prove certain assumptions behind our clients selection or claims made by the vendor or service provider.
  • Project Delivery - The Project Delivery service assists the project team to define and plan the project using a proven initiation framework. The objectives of the Project Delivery service are to provide the input and capability to complete the initiation stage of a project, set-up the organisation, processes, methods, approach, scope and project logs for delivery.
  • Upgrade/Migration Framework & Planning - The Upgrade/migration service assists the management team to define the scope and plan a migration/upgrade using a proven technology migration framework. 
  • Support – ITelligence’s proven support offering includes all products within the BI and EPM practice. More information can be found in our support/managed services offering.
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