Be part of the team that believes in delivering superior solution to its customers
iTelligence is the place to be if you are passionate about delivering superior solutions in an environment that nurtures a combination of consulting skills and solution knowledge to deliver value to the customer.
Perspectives for newcomers:
We offer college graduates in the disciplines of computer science, Information technology, Business Management, Accounting, etc. exciting entry level positions to careers in the world of Oracle consulting.

Start your career while working on your thesis or as an intern:

We have opportunities for internships and college-accompanying activities for students of computer science, Information technology, Business Management and Accounting. These programs give you insights into the company while you are still attending university or college and to get a taste of the consulting world. We also welcome students in the process of writing their theses and support them accordingly.

Start your career as apprentice:

High school graduates and applicants with advanced technical college entrance qualification have the option to work at itelligence during the practical phases within the scope of dual information technology study courses. Intelligence will even pay the compensation for practical work. We also offer apprenticeships for professions such as office communications specialist, IT system commercial specialist, information technology specialist for application development and systems integration.

Perspectives for industry and Oracle experts:

A variety of different career models make it possible to adapt careers to the individual situation of the employee. Our career models open the door to the pursuit of professional and management careers.

Attain your goals with us!

Move yourself and our company even closer to the top by investing your talents. Your decision will swing the doors to convincing career opportunities in multi-faceted career fields wide open. We will be pleased to discuss your concrete itelligence onboarding options with you in a personal interview. It goes without saying that your inquiries will be treated as strictly confidential.
Are you ready to embark on an itelligence career? If so, it is time to take the first step! Send your application and all relevant documents to the itelligence HR Team!


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