We take pride in developing holistic solutions for enterprises from a wide variety of industries and of all sizes as a long-term partner. We accompany you with customised Enterprise solutions and appropriate consulting, irrespective of whether you find yourself in a growth phase or already belong to the big global players. Our clients know that iTelligence helps them always be at the cutting edge of technological development, because as Oracle partners we will know the performance and technology of future Oracle products already beforehand. Our vision is to successfully acquire market leadership in our native market. At the same time we intend to use such growth for creating the foundations for conquering new, international markets.


It is our target to enhance our performance by means of quantitative growth in all fields of activity in order to benefit clients like you.


At iTelligence we put innovation at the heart of all our solutions. Our innovations are not only trailblazers , they also point the way to the future. With us your success is guaranteed.


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